Dear Parents,


With your support we have come to an end of our session. To evaluate the understanding of our children We will be assessing them from 1st to 17th March as per the given schedule. Kindly note

  • There will be joint class at 11:20 am for both groups from 1st to 19th March2021
  • There will be no music class from 1st March.
  • Work will be done as usual along with assessment.
  • 19th March will be last working day.
  • There will be a fun party on 19th of March. Children can have special tiffin.

Assessment Schedule: -

Day 1- 1/3/2021- Assessment of Colours

Day 2- 2/3/2021- Assessment of Shapes

Day 3- 3/3/2021- Assessment of Fruits

Day 4- 4/3/2021- Assessment of Vegetables

Day 5- 5/3/2021- Assessment of Animals

Day 6- 8/3/2021- Assessment of Transport

Day 7- 9/3/2021- Assessment of Birds

Day 8- 10/3/2021- Assessment of Rhymes(Child will recite One Hindi and one English rhyme)

Day 9- 12/3/2021- Assessment of Story (Hindi)

Day 10-15/3/2021-Assessment of Self Introduction.

16th to 18th will be kept as surplus days.

Please ensure regular attendance of your ward so that we can have a smooth assessment. All the best

Looking forward for your co-operation