Details of workshops (Middle Department)(August-2019)

1. Workshop was conducted by the Ms Sunita Sharma and Ms Anupam Sood for the primary and middle school teachers on 3rd August 2019 on the topic भाषा सोंदर्य.

2. Workshop was conducted for Primary and Middle school teachers on‘‘Listening Skill’by Ms.Tina Arora and Ms Ritika Mathur on 3rd August 2019.

3. Value education training workshop ‘Awakened Citizen’ initiated by CBSE in collaboration with Ramakrishna Mission, New Delhi was attended by Ms Monica Mehra and Ms Shalini Srivastava of Middle department at Cambridge School, Noida on 31st July and 1st August 2019. The ‘Awakened Citizen’ Program is a three year graded program for students of classes 6, 7, & 8 which aim to empower children with strong foundation of values and having a nation full of enlightened citizens.

A workshop was conducted by Ms Sony Sabharwal, Ms Ritu Sanan, Ms Mona Sharma, Ms Supriya Mishra and Ms Deepika Gupta on 20th July 2019 on the topic "Recipe for Success". The workshop was attended by teachers of Greater Noida, Ghaziabad branch and by Pre- primary and class 1 and 2 teachers. The teachers enthusiastically participated in the activities. They were motivated to stay positive on their journey to achieving goals.

Engrossed Audience

Proud Winners

Enthusiastic Participants

Workshop on Listening Skills and Vocabulary Enhancement was organized by Ms. Amrita Batra and Ms. Shivani Bhat on 6.7.19. The workshop emphasized mainly on how listening can be learnt and developed also how it enhances personal and professional aspects of life. For the vocabulary enhancement various tips were given through fun filled activities.

Learning through activities based on Listening Skills and Vocabulary Enhancement

Workshop agenda :Happiness

Venue : Vishwa Bharati Public School, Noida

Date : 2rd July 2019

Conducted By :Sh. Bhaktimanta, Director of ISKON

Attended by : VBPS Staff

A workshop was conducted on the importance of being happy and cheerful by Sh. Bhaktimanta, Director of ISKON. He stressed on the fundamental reason why happiness is so important as it's extremely vital to our goals in life and help us achieve many other cherished personal ambitions and milestones.

Science Workshop :Activity Based Teaching / Learning

Venue : Physics Lab , Vishwa Bharati Public School, Noida

Date : 3rd July 2019

Conducted By : Mr. UmeshTyagi (Senior PGT Physics)

Ms. ManishaSareen (Senior PGT Chemistry)

Attended by :Prof. Shiv Puri (Hon’bleManagement Member, as a special guest)

Ms. Veera Pandey (Principal , VBPS Noida)

Science teachers 6th to 12th class

A workshop was conducted on Activity based Teaching, a technique adopted by a teacher to emphasize his or her method of teaching through activity to bring about effectiveand efficient learning experiences.List of Hands on activities are performed related to Reflection of light& sound , Verification of Archimedes' principle, TarsiaPuzzles ,Newton’s disc of seven colours.
Prof Shivpuri also shared their thoughts on "innovation in schools" . Teachers were engrossed in hand on activities and enjoyed the workshop while learning the various concepts.

Workshop : Microsoft Sway and Google Docs

Date: 3rd July 2019


Conducted by :Computer Department teachers, Ms Sofia Goel (Speaker), Ms Archana Jain(Speaker), MsVandana Dang, MsMamta Gupta, MsAnjuPuniya, MsShrobaniKar, MsSoniAggarwal

Attended by : Teaching staff of VBPS Noida

The workshop organized under the aegis of CBSE, aimed at enhancing the understanding of the curriculum of Information technology and to train teachers on latest Microsoft open source technologies for creating presentations, which would benefit them for teaching learning purposes.Full live training was provided to teachers during session followed by self-assessment test. The teachers thoroughly enjoyed the lively interactions on latest softwares and everyone gained valuable inputs of looking upon the curriculum from a new, effective perspective.

The workshop was attended by the esteemed Principal Ms. Veera Pandey, Departmental Heads and the entire teaching staff.

Workshop details till May19

Name Date Venue Organised by Attended by

Training Programme on Evaluation & Examination


DPS, Bulandshahr


Ms. Anjali Razdan

Capacity Building Programme
Information Technology


DPS Ghaziabad

Dr. Richa

Ms. Sofia Goel

Earthquake Evacuation Drill


VBPS, Noida

Ms. Bharati Prasad Sinha
Ms. Vatsala Tiwari

All Teachers

Workshop on Probability


VBPS, Noida

Mr. MukeshGoel

MathsDeptt. of VBPS

Training Programme on Exam& Evaluation


DPS Noida


Ms. RupinderLochan

Capacity Building Programme on Remodeled Assessment


DPS Greater Noida

Mrs. Gurpreet Kaur
Mrs. ManjuVerma

Ms. AkankshaGarg

Annual Conference on Reading between the Lines


India International Centre, Lodi Estate,New Delhi


Ms. IshaSood
Ms. AmlaWakhloo

Annual Conference on Reading between the Lines


India International Centre, Lodi Estate,New Delhi


Ms. sPooja Mishra
Ms. Neha Jain

Capacity Building Programme On Life Skill


Lotus Vallley International School, Noida

Ms. AbhaJha

Ms. ArtiKaul

Women Empowerment


Vishwa Yuvak Kendra , New Delhi

Vishwa Yuvak Kendra

Ms. Sofia Goel
Ms. Archana Jain

Interpersonal Relationship at Work place



Seema Ahuja
Neelu Sharma

Primary Teachers

Self Motivation



SManila Sharma
Sarah saleem

Primary Teachers

CBSE Workshop on Adolescence Issue


CBSE Office, Patparganj

Dr. Usha Naidu, Ms. Geetanjali

Ms. Bindu Kaul

Capacity Building Programme –
Value Education


CBSE Regional Office, Patparganj

Ms. Jayashri Joshi
Ms. Anjali Chhabra

Ms. AartiKhajuria

Beyond Time and Infinity



Ms. Jaya S. Kumar
Ms. V. Poornima

Maths Teachers Of Primary and Middle

Effective Communication



pre Primary Teachers


Workshops held in Primary Department

1. Maths Is Easy When It Is Fun—By - Rupali Gill , Sumita Bhat & Preeti Negi
Easy and fun ways were introduced for teaching maths and making it more interesting for the students.

2. Self Motivation- By - Manila Sharma , Sharika Sehgal & Sarah Saleem
This workshop was based on how teachers can help students to develop their own intrinsic sense of motivation and to let them know that being self motivated is a critical skill for life.
These two Workshops were attended by the teachers of Primary Department.

3. Empowering the Intellect –This workshop was attended by Suchita verma of Primary Department.It was organised by Chinmayya Mission at Kothari International School.

4. Capacity Building Programme in Value Education-Was attended by Aarti Khajuria of Primary Department at CBSE office.

Workshop- Maths Is Fun

Teachers involved in activity

Workshop - Self Motivation



A very informative and innovative workshop was conducted by middleschool maths teachers, Ms Jaya S. kumar and Ms V. Poornima on 4th may 2019 on the topic" Beyond infinity and time". The workshop basically focused on sum of infinite natural numbers and various dimensions which are beyond our imagination. The workshop was attended by primary and middle school maths teachers along with the departmental head, Ms Anjali Razdan.





A workshop was organized by Mrs.Seema Ahuja, Mrs.Sarita Samantaray, Mrs.Rinkle Gola and Mrs.Neelu Sharma on 1st April 2019. The topic of the workshop was “Interpersonal Relationship At Workplace”. It was attended by Pre- primary and Primary teachers. The workshop emphasized on developing good relationship for a healthy environment amongst employees at workplace to bring about fruitful output in terms of achieving goals for the development of the children.




On 15th & 16th November, 2018 The International Conference on Cyberlaw, Cybercrime & Cybersecurity 2018 was held at New Delhi, India. It was organized by Cyberlaws. Net and Pavan Duggal Associates, Advocates, Supreme Court of India.

Computer teachers Mrs Sofia, Mrs Archana Jain, Mrs Vandana Dang, Mrs Mamta Gupta from Vishwa Bharati public school Noida attended the two day international conference so to bring awareness among youth regarding cyber security. It aimed to examine and analyze the emerging Cyberlaw, Cybercrime and Cybersecurity trends of today’s times. The International Conference was supported by supported by more than 150+ international and national organizations. It was attended by various international delegates and speakers as also representatives from the national Diaspora representing the stakeholders in the digital ecosystem and alive web. These would include representatives from the Central Government & State Governments, various Ministries, Law Enforcement Agencies, Police, Business, Information Technology, Corporate Sector, Academicians, Scholars, Service Providers, International Organizations and distinguished thought leaders. The International Conference on Cyberlaw, Cybercrime & Cybersecurity is currently being



Workshop details for the month of Jan. to March 2017

Name Date Venue Organised by Attended by

Class Room Management

03.02.17& 04.02.17

DAV School, Noida


Ms. Tina Arora
Ms. Reena Jolly

Sanskrit Bharat Abhiyan


Chandra Mohan Vikas (IIT Khadagpur)

Sanskrit Sansthan

Mr. Ujjwal Arya
Ms. Sulochana Mishra

Workshop details for the month of May 2017

Name Date Venue Organised by Attended by


15 May 2017

V.B.P.S. Noida

Scholastic India
Ms. Deepa Agrawal

for class 7.

Teaching Challenges areas in Social Science  (class X)

22.05.17& 23.05.17

Lotus Valley International School,Noida


Ms. Vatsala Tiwari
Ms. Yogita Krishna

Life Skill


V.B.P.S. Noida

Ms.Priya Sarkar

Staff Members of Pre primary, Primary and

Workshop details for the month of July & August 2017

Name Date Venue Organised by Attended by

Gender Sensitivity



Dr. Neera
Sakshi Khurana

Puja  Sharma

How to make history intresting?


8thD Class Room

Ritika Dhawan
Sambita Mitra

S.St Teachers of Primary and

Health and Hygiene Workshop

22.08. 2017

V.B.P.S. Noida auditorium

Procter &Gamble by Ms. Mridani

classes 5th-8th Girls






Workshop details for the month of October, November 2017

Name Date Venue Organised by Attended by

Teaching of English Language in India


Hotel Radisson Sec-55 Noida

Orient Swan by Dr. Neeru Joshi

Ms. Jaspreet
Ms. Anushree

WorkShop 19.8.17 Conducted By : Shalini Sharma, Richa Jaitley, Aarti Sharma

Topic : ‘Beyond Talk and Chalk’
The main aim of the workshop was to engage the teachers to go beyond chalk and talk approach and give students the chance of engaging and exploring the study material through fun filled activities.The workshop was attended by 15 to 20 staff mambers. The teachers were given the opportunity to come up with various activities that would make the class more interactive and interesting.The activities were subject based which would help the students develop motor and imaginative skills.Overall, it was an informative workshop.


WorkShop 29.7.17 Conducted By : Simmi Dogra, Disha Wadhwa & Kirti Bansal

Topic : Theatre in Education

The workshop focused on ‘Theatre in Education’ at pre-primary and Primary level.It provided an insight to the teachers that how drama is ‘done’ and can be inculcated in the class room teaching.The teachers were involved in fun filled activities.Workshop was attended by staff mambers of other branches of Vishwa Bharati Public School.Overall, it was funfilled and informative workshop.

Workshop in progress

Workshop on 20-05-17

Vishwa Bharati Public School, Noida organized a Workshop for its one hundred strong Support Staff on preventive measures against heat wave, dengue and common vector borne diseases on 20/05/17 in the school auditorium from 11:30 a.m to 12:30 a.m The workshop was conducted by Ms. Isha Sood and Dr. Pooja Mehandru highlighting the importance of sanitation and hygiene


A workshop was conducted on the topic “Time Management” by Mrs.Sony Sabharwal, Mrs.Ritu Sanan, Mrs.Rakhee Aggrawal and Mrs.Supriya Mishra on 20th May 2017. The Pre- Primary and Primary teachers and the staff of VBPS Greater Noida and Ghaziabad participated in the activities laying stress on the importance of planning of time and priortisation of activities.

An enthusiastic participation by the teachers


Principal’s view on the workshop


A workshop was conducted for language teachers by Ms. Sudha Sharma and Ms. Sunita Sharma on 6th May 2017. Nearly 20 language teachers from middle and primary department attended the workshop. The topic of the workshop was –

The workshop focused on various techniques, methodologies and activities used in creating interest for creative writing in language.


An author’s talk was organized by Scholastic India on 15 May 2017 for class 7. The guest author was Ms. Deepa Agrawal. It was an interesting and interactive session where students got a chance to meet and share their views with the author.

A workshop was conducted on the topic “Power of Gratitude” for the Pre- Primary and Primary teachers on 22nd Sept.2016 by Mrs.Poonam Nayyar, Mrs.Simi Mehra and Mrs.Sarika Srivastava. They stressed upon the benefits of inculcating gratitude among students as well as teachers.


Inclusive Education

This workshop was held on 7.5.16 and was conducted by Monika Mehra.The aim of this workshop was to sensitize the teachers on how to face the issues and challenges arising out of the implementation of inclusive education.


Yoga session for the teachers was organised by the representatives of Dhyan Foundation. It mainly focused on asanas for the back and spine followed by YogNidra to rejuvenate and rest the body.

Time Management
This workshop was held on 19.5 16 by Mrs VeenaMalik, Mrs BinitaGusain, Mrs Meenuverma. It was very well presented with relevant audio visual aids where the skills for effective time management were explained.It was attended by the teachers of primary department.
Computer Inserting Text in Excel and Word Mrs.Soni Agarwal 21.1.16 Pre- primary and Primary teachers
  Yoga In Education Mrs.Sarika Srivastava, Mrs.Rakhee Agrawal Mrs.Usha Naidu and Mrs.SonySabharwal 30.1.16 Pre- primary and Primary teachers
Class Management Teaching through Playway Method Mrs.Rekha Jassal
30.1.16 Pre- primary and Primary teachers

Teacher's Workshop ( Nov. )
A workshop on Body and Mind was held on 01.11.2014 at VBPS, Noida. The Workshop was conducted by Mr Ashish Bawa which was attended by the Teachers of primary, and pre-primary . The objectives of workshop were to understand the value of healthy body, mind and soul and to explore ways to release stress from our life.
A workshop on Skill Development was held on 07th& 8th Nov 14 atIndirapuram Public School, Indirapuram. The workshop was conducted by Ms Neeru Sethi which was Attended by the Ms Monica Arya and Ms Shreyashi . The objectives of the workshop were to Enhance language skills at primary level.

Teacher's Workshop ( April - July )
1 4.4.2014 Vendredi de L’IFI Caroline Schmitt Lycee de Français RiaWahi
2 3.5.14 Newspaper Report Writing DeeptiTandon
VishwaBharati Public School, Noida English teachers of VBPS Noida
3 10.5.14 Enchantment of Reading & Listening Skills Kiran Mishra DPS, Sector-132, Noida BhavanaKaul Anushreemazumdar
4 5.7.2014 Evaluation de CCE Caroline Schmitt Lycee de Français Delhi Ms.RiaWahi
5 1.7.2014 Transforming India Chinmaya Mission VBPS Noida Ms.Saumya



Universal Outlook Chinmaya Mission VBPS Noida




to 12.7.2014

CBSE Principal Meet 

Centuri Learning Ltd.

(Ms. Shweta Thakur)

Indian International Center ,Mathura Road

Ms. Vatsala Tiwari

Ms. Jyoti Dhar

6 19.7.2014 Genomics & Bioinformatics

Dr. Mukesh Jain

Dr. Arun Jagannath

Sadhu Vaswani International School for Girls

Ms. Neerja Rajesh

Ms. Isha Sood

6 19.7.2014 Entrepreneurship Mr. Sandeep Sethi (Education Officer , CBSE)
DPS Noida

Ms.Lizzy Abraham

Ms. Akansha Garg