Secondary Level (IX and X)

The Secondary school curriculum aims at further enhancing learning processes in both scholastic and co scholastic areas . Academic skills become more pronounced through specialized teaching of subjects viz:

  • 2 languages:-- English and Hindi/ Sanskrit

  • Mathematical skills in Algebra, Geometry and Arithmetic

  • Science & Technology --Physics, Chemistry and Biology

  • Social Sciences-- History, Geography, Political Science, Economics and Disaster Management

  • Information Technology Skills

    Students are assessed for their proficiency levels in different subjects through a continuous process of engaging them in a wide range of activities which test their understanding, reasoning, problem solving, evaluative skills through class and home assignments, periodic tests, hands on practical experiences , projects, quizzes, wall magazines, field work etc. Thus , a student is taken through a challenging environment that helps discover his innate talent and aptitude so that he can make a wise choice of subjects at the Senior Secondary Level.