The school provides a fleet of buses for the conveyances of the students to commute from home to school at their own risk. Students are picked up from the following places.

  • Entire Noida,
  • Vasundhara Enclave,
  • Patparganj,
  • Mayur-Vihar phase I, II, III,
  • Laxmi Nagar,
  • Vikas Marg,
  • Sarita Vihar etc.
    Senior from Route No. 6 to 44 and
    Junior (Pre- Primary) routes 1, 2, 2A, 2B, 2C, 3, 4, 5 & 5A
    SESSION: 2019-2020

    R.NO 1

    R.NO 2 R.NO 2A R.NO 2B R.NO 2C R.NO 3 R.NO 4 R.NO 5
    R.NO 5A R.NO 6 R.NO 7 R.NO 8 R.NO 9 R.NO 10 R.NO 11 R.NO 12
    R.NO 13 R.NO 14 R.NO 15 R.NO 16 R.NO 17 R.NO 18 R.NO 19 R.NO 20
    R.NO 21 R.NO 22 R.NO 23 R.NO 24 R.NO 25 R.NO 26 R.NO 27 R.NO 28
    R.NO 29 R.NO 30 R.NO 31 R.NO 32 R.NO 33 R.NO 34 R.NO 35 R.NO 36
    R.NO 37 R.NO 38 R.NO 39 R.NO 40 R.NO 41 R.NO 42 R.NO 44

    Rules regarding transport

  • Students can avail of school transport subject to the availability of seats.
  • This facility may be withdrawn at any time due to unavoidable circumstances.
  • The students will use buses at their own risk.
  • Parents are requested to see that the students are escorted to and from the bus.
  • The escorts should be at the bus stop ten minutes before the expected arrival of the bus.
  • Students are expected to carry their bus pass daily to school, and to maintain complete discipline inside the bus.
  • If a student is constantly misbehaving in the bus or is found deliberately damaging bus fitments, he can be debarred from availing the bus service.
  • No student is allowed to change bus route without permission.

  • NOTE :-
  • Buses will ply on routes decided by the school authorities. No request for diverting or changing the routes or stop will be entertained.
  • A student desirous of withdrawing the bus facility must give at least 3 month's notice in advance.
  • No withdrawal for students studying in Board classes will be accepted from January.

  • Route No. 1
    Sec-12 Opposite Park
    Sec-12 Near Market
    Sec-11 Metro Hospital Cut
    Sec-11 Dhawalgiri crossing  
    Sec-56 BPCL  Apartments
    Sec-55 Indian Oil Nagar Site II Main Road
    Sec-55 Indian Oil Nagar Site I Bus Stand
    Sec-22 Main Road Tripathi Clinic
    Sec-22 Shiv Mandir
    Sec-22 Chauda Mod Bus Stop
    Sec-22-25 Red light near Adobe 

    Route No. 2
    Sec-71 Shiv Shakti Ap.
    Sec-71 Jagriti Ap.
    Sec-71 Metro Ap.
    Sec-121 Homes
    Sec-119 Amrapali Platinum
    Sec-119 Gaur Grandeur
    Sec-120 Amrapali Zodiac 
    Sec-120 Prateek Laurel
    Main Road, Sec-71 (Opp. GIIS)

    Route No. 2A
    Sec-74 Ajnara 
    Sec-74 Cape Town 
    Sec-77 Griha Pravesh 
    Sec-77 Antriksh Kanball
    Sec-77 Express Zenith
    Sec- 77 Civitek
    Sec- 76 Homz
    Sec-76 Prateek Wisteria

    Route No. 2B
    Sec- 76 Amrapali Princely Gate 1
    Sec- 76 Sethi Max 
    Sec-78 Hyde Park
    Sec-78 Mahagun Modern
    Sec-78 ICICI Bank Main Road
    Sec-78 Golf View Antriksh
    Sec-79 Gaur Woods 

    Route No. 2C
    Sec- 75 J.M.Aroma
    Sec- 75 Panchsheel
    Sec-75 Golf City
    Sec-76 J.M.Orchid
    Sec-76 Skytech
    Sec-76 Aditya Celebrity
    Sec-76 Amrapali Princely
    Sec-76 Amrapali Princely Silicon City
    Sec-51 Kendriya Vihar

    Route No. 3

    Route No. 4
    Sec-50 U-Turn
    Sec-50 Noddy Play school
    Sec-50 Kailash Dham
    Sec-51 Alok Vihar-II
    Sec-51 Alok Vihar-I
    Sec-34 Dhawalgiri
    Sec-34 T-point
    Sec-34 B-10
    Sec-34 B-9
    Sec-34 Nar Vihar
    Sec-35 Garima Vihar
    Sec-33 NTPC
    Sec-52 C- Block
    Sec-52 Arawali Apt.
    Sec-61 (Road towards Sai Mandir)
    Sec-61 Gol Chakkar
    Sec-61 Royal Garden Gate No.3
    Sec-53 Kanchenjunga Apt.
    Sec-53 Main Road
    GAIL Sec-23

    Route No. 5
    Sec-62 Flex Apt.
    Sec-62 Indian Oil TOT Mall Road
    Sec-62 Trikuta Hills
    Sec-62 Nirupam Vatika
    Sec- 62 GAIL Ap.
    Sec-62 Shaurya Ap.
    Ritu Wears Opposite Manoj Vihar
    Shipra Suncity Gate No.5
    Express Garden
    Aditya Mall Corner
    Aditya Mega City Centre Ap.
    Mahagun Mansion Ap. (across the road)

    Route No. 5A
    Sec-49 Barola & Yamaha Vihar
    Sec-100 Main Road, Lotus 
    Gate near 3Cs
    Sec-93 Eldeco Studio
    Sec-93 Expressview
    Sec-82 Vivek Vihar
    Sec-82 Kendriya Vihar Gate No.3
    Sec-82 Kendriya Vihar Gate No.2
    Sec-82 Kendriya Vihar Gate No.1
    Sec-82 Udyog Vihar, Madhuban Ap.
    Sec-46 Gardenia Glory & Corner

    Route No. 6
    Shipra Suncity Gate No.2
    Mother Dairy
    Manoj Vihar Rail Vihar- 1 & 2
    Swaranjayanti Park
    Niti Khand-I, II
    Gyan Khand-1
    NAbhay Khand-3 Sec-62 Noida

    Route No. 7
    Vasundhra Enclave Delhi Apartments- Paryatan
    Gobind, Pavitra, City, New Delhi

    Route No. 8
    Sec-120 Amrapali Zodiac

    Route No. 9
    Mayur Vihar Ph-II Main Gate -Pkt.B, E & D)
    Mayur Vihar Ph-I -Delhi Police Ap
    Mayur Vihar Ph-1 Central Mkt, Near Ram Mandir
    Pocket-1 Gol Chakkar, Near Jeevan Anmol Hospital
    Sardar Ap
    Shekhar Ap
    Samachar Ap
    Sec-15A Gate No.1 & 2

    Route No. 10
    Patparganj Aptts.- Madhu Vihar
    Mother Diary
    School Block, Mother Dairy
    Gol Chakkar Sec-15A Alka Cinema

    Route No. 11
    Sec-11 Near Metro Hospital
    Metro Hospital
    Sec-21 Jalvayu Vihar bus stop-1 & 2
    Sec-56 BPCL- Main Gate
    Nehru International School

    Route No. 12
    Mayur Vihar Ph-III- MIG Pocket 1,2 & 3
    5 (Temple Gate)
    6 (Main Gate 7 IInd Gate)
    GD Colony
    LIG Pocket-2 (Near Bank of Baroda & near Sharma Medicals)
    3 (near Ryan School & near Life Care Hospital)
    New MIG Gate No.1
    SFS Pocket A & B

    Route No. 13
    Sec-34: Dhawalgiri B-12A
    Himgiri B-14

    Route No. 14
    Sec-22- Opp. PPF Building
    C-Block, Near ESI Hospital
    Sec-23 GAIL Vihar
    Sec-22 G Block Gate-3, Near Tripathi Clinic H-Block
    I-Block Shiv Mandir
    Sec-12 Metro Hospital
    Saraswati Shishu Mandir, Sec-25

    Route No. 15
    Apartments- Deluxe
    Sec-14 Gate No.1 & 3
    New Ashok Nagar
    East End Apt.Gate No.1

    Route No. 16
    Sec- 34 Udaigiri B/10
    Sec-33 Garima Vihar

    Route No. 17
    Vijaya Aptt., Ashiana Green
    Ashiana Upvan
    Shipra Rivera- Gate No.6, 4
    Mother Dairy

    Route No. 18
    Sec-52 Shatabdi Vihar; Sec-61 Mansarovar
    Asian Paints; Sec-53 Kanchanjunga Ap Main Gate

    Route No. 19
    Sec-51 Kendriya Vihar Gate No.2
    Sec-51- C- Block Near SRS Store
    Sec-50 Crescent Ap
    Alok Vihar-I & II and Overseas Aptt.

    Route No. 20
    Sec- 40- Goodwill Hospital, Main Road Gate
    Rail Nagar (Main Road)
    Gate(2) Main Road, Amrapali
    Stellar Kings, Silver Estate, Kailash Dham
    Sec-41 Main Road (Kothari School), Opp. Prayag Hospital Main Road
    Sec-48 Yamaha Vihar (Main Road)
    Sec-49 Main Road near red light

    Route No. 21
    Sec- 56 ESI Colony (Main Gate), Dhawalgiri
    Sec-62 Rajat Vihar- Block A Main Gate
    Block C Gate-1 & 2
    Sec-55 E-Block
    Sec-22 Block-A & B Opp. Noida Stadium & near Chauda mod

    Route No. 22
    Sarita Vihar Block- K, D
    Jasola Jamia Nagar
    Kalindi Kunj
    Sec-45 Amrapali Prateek Stylome, Saphire
    Sec-44 Kartik Kunj
    Vijay Vittar (Sec-45)

    Route No. 23
    Sec-75 J.M.Aroma
    Golf Avenue-II, Max Blis
    Max Blis White House
    Golf City- Brijwasi
    Plot No.8 Gate No.1 & Plot No.7, Sec-51 Kendriya Vihar

    Route No. 24
    Sector-55 (near Mother Dairy)
    Sec-56 Near Park
    Sec- 62 Trinity Play school
    Stellar Park
    Nirupam Vatika
    Trikuta Hills
    TOT Mall
    Vinayak- Flex Apt.

    Route No. 25
    Sec-61 Prateek Fedora (Side Gate)
    Saket Dham (Main Gate)
    Krishna Apra
    Panchachhuli Aptt.(Main gate)
    Near Gardenia Grace Apt
    Sec- 52 Near Shatabdi Vihar
    Sec-34 Opp. Satya Hospital

    Route No. 26
    Sec-52 Arawali Apartment Main Gate
    C-Block, Antriksh Nature
    Sec-33 Shubham Ap.

    Route No. 27
    Sec-62 Apartments- Shakti Kunj
    Jeevan Ashray
    Rail Vihar

    Route No. 28
    Sec-82 Ekta Kunj (main gate)
    Vivek Vihar gate No.1
    Sec-82: Turning of Kendriya Vihar gate No.3
    Sec-108 Lotus Panache
    Sec-105 (20A Express View Ap.) Near Indian Oil Petrol Pump
    Sec-104 Sukhdham Residency
    Sec-100- Centuary Ap.
    Lotus Boulevard

    Route No. 29
    Sec-33 NTPC (Samridhi)
    Sec- 34 Community Hall Gate, Nar Vihar-I

    Route No. 30
    JIT, Shipra Suncity
    Mother Dairy, Gate No. 5 & 6
    Krishna Apra
    Gaur Gravity
    Mahagun Mansion

    Route No. 31
    Sec-71B Block Main Gate
    Shiv Shakti Apt. Main Gate
    Common T- point
    Metro Ap. Corner

    Route No. 32
    Shipra Suncity Gate No.3 ATM
    Neeti Khand-I & II
    Shipra Krishna Vista
    Express Garden Gate-2
    Windsor Ap, Rajhans
    Aditya Megacity
    Gaur Gravity

    Route No. 33
    Grand Omaxe
    Silver city
    Sec-82 Kendriya Vihar
    Gate No.1 & 2
    Sec-82- LIG & MIG

    Route No. 34
    Sec-93 Express view Apt (Gate No.1)
    Sec-137 Exotica, Ajnara Daffodil
    Paras Tiera
    Supertech Ecocity
    Purvanchal Royal Park

    Route No. 35
    Sec-119- Eldeco
    Amrapali Platinum
    Gaur Grandeur
    Sec-120- Prateek Laurel
    Global School Sec-71

    Route No. 36
    Sec-74- Ajnara heritage, Cape town

    Route No. 37
    Sec-47 Jalvayu Tower
    Yamaha Vihar, Sec-49
    Sec-107 Vanalika Sunrise
    Sec-48 Kesar Garden Apt.

    Route No. 38
    Sector-78 Mahagun Modern
    Aditya Urban Casa
    Sikka Karmic Green
    Antriksh Golf View-I & II
    Windsor Assotech

    Route No. 39
    Sec-71 Global School
    Gaur City-1 & 2
    Sec-121 Homes 121

    Route No. 40
    Sec-77 Prateek Wisteria
    Skytech Matrott
    Aditya celebrity

    Route No. 41
    Noida Extension- Gaur Saundaryam
    Cherry County
    Nirala Estate
    Ajnara Homes
    LA Residentia
    Eco Village-II
    Supertech Eco Village I
    Arihant Arden
    Exotica Dreamville
    Stellar Jeevan
    Panchsheel Hynish I

    Route No. 42
    Amrapali Silicon City Gate I & II
    Amrapali Princely Estate Gate I & II
    Sethi Max Royal
    Gaur Sports wood
    Sec-78 Hyde Park

    Route No. 43
    Sec-93 ATS
    Parsavnath, Eldeco
    Sec-137 Paramount
    Sec-134 JayPee Greens wish town-Klassic and kosmos

    Route No. 44
    Sec-77 Antriksh Kanball
    Express Zenith
    Civitech Sampriti
    Elite Homes